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Meet the Seamstresses

Here's a picture of our current group of seamstresses and leaders. They were once struggling single moms with vulnerable families. Thanks to your purchases and support, they are now able to support their families with the dignity that comes from meaningful work. They are wonderful people and talented seamstresses.




From left to right:

Beatrice, Beatrice (leader), Josianne, Jannette, Marie Louise, Cecile, Therese, Jose, Damalie (leader), Agnes, Peter, Evas, Geneveva.

Meet Agnes

Agnes is married and has four children: Rachel, Janneffer, Godance and Solom.

Meet Josiane

Josiane is married and has two children; Alsane and Promise.

Meet Geneveva

Geneveva is married and has five children: Charity, Queen, Joshua, Angel and Esther. 

Meet Cecile (Cissy)

Cissy is married and has four children: Sarge, Grace, Mikelange and Fabrice. 

Meet Mary Joyce (Jose)

Jose is married and has two children, Fabrice and Ketie.