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Our Projects

New Life Threads donates 100% of profits to help women and vulnerable families in poor nations. Here are a few ways New Life Threads invests profits with the aim of bringing hope, dignity, life and love to the people of Rwanda.

Vocational Training

At the New Life Family Center in Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda, women participate in a vocational training program that includes sewing skills lessons, counseling, and discipleship. Each year, 70 women sign up for this program offered through Africa New Life Ministries in an effort to learn a trade, such as tailoring, that will help them support their families. Many of these women are widowed and many are HIV positive. Each woman has a story of great suffering. Fortunately, the New Life Family Center offers them an opportunity to heal, to grow and to find hope.

New Life Threads aims to love these women through our support of and donations to Africa New Life Ministries and their Family Center. Many of these women will go on to do sewing projects for New Life Threads.


We believe dignity comes through meaningful work. New Life Threads commissions seamstresses who are employed by sewing cooperatives (most who learned through the Family Center vocational program) to sew the New Life Threads products at the Family Center. By selling the bags, tablecloths, and other products in the US, New Life Threads is able to create a new market for the beautiful products these women make. This increases the opportunities these women have to demonstrate their sewing talents while earning an income to support their families.


As we see all that Africa New Life Ministries is doing in Rwanda with the Family Center and other programs, we also see the need for financial support in other areas. New Life Threads donates a portion of profits to a variety of special projects. Here are some we have done in the past:

  •  Fully funded an Easter meal and celebration for orphans and child-led families
  •  Partially funded the annual New Life Women’s Conference in Kigali

When you purchase products from New Life Threads, you are helping to support one or all of these causes!